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Hi! This is a software development initiative built on top of the effort narrated in our Manifesto.

I am Lorenzo, software creator at Pramantha. I design and implement Web services and pipelines for data integration and Machine Learning, leveraging Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). I had been co-founder and one of the lead developers at Hydra Ecosystem. Currently I am one of the code owners at Smartcore, a Machine Learning library written in Rust Language.

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Thanks to all that support these efforts.

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I have variegated interests in software and around it, I have written about on my blog posts on Medium.

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Thanks to all that support these efforts.

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I also enjoy exploring the frontiers of Art-Science using generative AI, electronic music and microscopy photography.

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Science is what we understand well enough to explain to a computer.
Art is everything else we do.
Donald Knuth

Pramantha is committed to sustainable efforts to provide customers and users with meaningful data management and value-creating systems. Pramantha workforce comes from a background in different B2B experiences developing Web services for Mobile SDKs, Geospatial data management, Fintech, Healthtech; with focus on developing knowledge and processes for small teams and startups. Pramantha provides with strong consulting on organisational challenges to allow future scaling of businesses. If you are interested to talk about how to create meaningful Web services for small organisations, use this form.